MACHINA Summit.AI will explore how the vast array of technologies that are included under the topic of Artificial Intelligence will enhance the way businesses operate. The four dedicated Theatres will provide conference level education, free of charge across two days. Join us as we explore the Future of The Enterprise!



Interaction with AI

The relationship between humans and computers is changing. In the future employees and customers of every company are likely to interact with AI regularly whilst receiving or delivering a service. Discover how the most advanced companies in the world interact with AI and the cost and time savings possible by doing so.

Data Science and Machine learning

Whilst the concept of making decisions or predictions based on the study of data is not new, the quantities of data that businesses now have access to has increased exponentially. Added to this, the amount of data that new technologies such as IoT will produce in the future is irreversibly changing the way that businesses need to analyse their data. When dealing with data at this scale the only option is to make the machine intelligent enough to learn by itself.

Deep Learning

Deep learning allows computers to process and understand infinite amounts of data such as images, sound, and text. So much so it is now possible for a computer to react to certain complex scenarios better than a human would. This will lead to a profound paradigm shift that will shape the next phase of enterprise computing.

AI in the enterprise

Most companies already use AI to some degree, for example it is now commonplace as part of a spam filter. However it is accepted wisdom that in the future AI will become a core part of every company's technology strategy. At MACHINA Summit.AI you can learn what is already possible with AI directly from the companies using or developing this technology and discover what will be possible in the near future.